Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Festivities In the Q...

Poor Ben-Ben did not like sledding.
Anna and cousin Rachel; Rachel, Anna and Rebecca going down in train fashion; Benjamin tackling Daddy.

Grandpa Dewey went down with Buddy chasing close behind; I went down too, wheeeeee.

Ethan and Grandma (Lee Parr); Auntie KC and Ben-Ben; Boise State Broncos fans...sad ones.

At Miss Amy's party; More High School friends at Amy P.'s.

Christmas Day dinner at the Jones'...notice the center piece ginger bread house Anna and Grandma Susan made; Kisses for Gma Susie; Ben-Ben and Anna looking at something with Gpa Dew.
Christmas and my baby; Auntie Ashley helping Anna open a the excitement on her face; Love the excitement on Ethan's face as he helps Anna open the Wii. :)
Santa brought these expandable shirts for everyone in the Rayhorn family, and we all had tons o' fun modeling them; Ethan and Chuck looked especially handsome; A Christmas morning family picture...maybe one of these years the kiddies will cooperate.
Ben-Ben playing with some presents; Anna was very excited that Santa knew she wanted cow girl stuff; Love the happiness in Anna's face while she's hugging Benjamin...and like most one year olds, Ben-Ben is pretty much oblivious to it all.
The tree on Christmas morning; Anna and Auntie KC doing some Christmas Eve cheers for Santa, too cute; Sisters - Beth and I on Christmas Eve.

Anna tasting one of the cookies she and KC made for Santa; Anna and Auntie Ashley throwing out some reindeer food.
GraMelissa with her granddaughters, Anna and Rorie; Ben-Ben trying to sneak away on Christmas Eve; The Puzzle! This doesn't show everyone who put in some time, but a few. Love the matching pj's from Melissa and Chuck, such a fun tradition.
Christmas Eve with LaJoice's - Anna and her Great Grandma Virginia; Grandma Susan with some grandkids, passing out the presents; Ethan, Benjamin, Andrew and Sabrina lounging.
More fun in the snow - Anna and Mommy; Daddy and Anna going on an adventure; Granny reading a story to Anna and Rorie.
Well, we had a wonderful trip up north for Christmas. Lots of fun, family time, games, snow, good food, friends, the Spirit of Christmas surrounding us, relaxing, etc. It was so hard to narrow down the pics, so if you're at all interested in seeing more, just check facebook. I didn't get pictures of everything we did, and everyone we saw, but close. And I don't think I have much more to add...the photos say it all. Thanks so much for having us Chuck and Melissa. We all had a fantastic time!

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