Friday, November 13, 2009

The Simple Things...

We go to the park all the time...nothing out of the ordinary. These pictures were from some time in October. It. Was. Hilarious. There were lots of dry leaves on the ground. We got into a leaf throwing fight, and Ben-Ben laughed his little head off! He thought the falling leaves were the funniest thing. Random.

We also found some sticks that of course turned into swords, and then sword fighting.

Anna loves playing on this school bus. It's on springs so it bounces around alot. There is always someone or something that is attacking the bus, and she's trying to speed away. I know Anna is sooooo excited and anxious for the day she gets to ride a real school bus all by herself, but for now, this is good.

I love the first picture of Daddy and son swinging. The second one is amusing because the sun is perfectly illuminating Ben's "Mohawk." His hair has always been longer on top, but the sides and back are finally starting to catch up. And the last picture shows that the little things can be so entertaining. Benjamin loves parks, and playing, and sliding, and swinging. But sometimes he finds additional ways to entertain himself. Like putting handfuls of little pebbles through the holes of the park bench. Look at that concentration. Good times. Ha.

Some high lights from the week:
1) Benjamin started to randomly laugh, deep, big belly laughs, in the middle of the night. A few nights ago, he'd been asleep for a few hours, and just started laughing and laughing, like the funniest thing in the world was happening. The crazy thing; he was half asleep! It was on and off for about an hour. It was hilarious, bizarre, adorable. Crazy kid.
2) Anna performed in the primary talent show this past Wednesday. (I was in charge of the event and it turned out great - so fun, cute decorations, so many talents shared.) Anna decided she wanted to do a dance. She got all dressed up in tutu and frilly-ness, and she did a dance she made up to a short instrumental song. She wasn't shy one bit. So proud of her. Did I ever mention that Anna also did a great job for her part in the primary program at church? This was back in September. Usually kids her age are asked to give a small part, a sentence or phrase. Anna was asked to give a 1-2 minute talk about the importance of families. She spoke loudly, clearly, and knew what she wanted to say. This was in front of the whole congregation, so I wasn't sure if all those faces would make her nervous. Nope. Sweet, special moments for a parent to witness.
3) Benjamin is not taking to Nursery as well as we thought he would. His first Sunday went pretty well. Every time we've taken him since then, he is so sad and nervous and cries and screams. He's a tad shy, although he's been growing out of that lately. The time he is supposed to be in nursery is from 12pm-2pm...his normal nap time. That can't help. And there's been a different nursery teacher every week, which I'm sure doesn't help whatever anxiety he is feeling. Oh well. We'll keep working with him and encouraging him. (We are excited to visit the Marquette Ward a few Sundays during Christmas break because then Grandma Melissa and Auntie Ashley will be able to make Ben-Ben feel right at home in their nursery.)
4) We've all enjoyed some outside time this week with temperatures reaching 70 degrees one day and 60s a few others. Beautiful. We haven't had any snow yet, just a little frost on a few mornings. And it hasn't been too cold either. It's just dark out so dang early. It really gets in the way of outdoor fun. But, we've been starting to got on "night time walks." It's not really that late, 6 or 6:30-ish, but it's already dark so Anna calls them night time walks. They are different and fun. It feels more adventurous for the kids since it's dark out. Anna LOVES looking at the stars.
5) I finished all my Christmas shopping this week. It's a good feeling. I love getting things done. We always try to keep present giving pretty simple, nothing too extravagant. Of course this year is no different, especially with the whole "crunch time" thing. Hehe. That probably makes it a lot easier to finish the shopping early - when you're not buying much in the first place.
Well, I'll save the other things I've been thinking of mentioning until next awesome Parent/Teacher conference at Anna's preschool, Ethan's hard work, girly-ness, and funny things Ben-Ben is doing and saying. But, you'll just have to wait 'til next week. Have a beautiful week!

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