Wednesday, November 4, 2009

One More Time...

We tried for another corn maze experience when my parents visited last weekend. Again, it was quite the adventure.

We headed into the maze a bit apprehensive, given the warning that it was VERY muddy. That seemed like an understatement once we saw what they were talking about. Just trying to get in the entrance, one of my shoes was pulled off in the mud. It wasn't pretty. I quickly decided to just go with it, and not worry about the laundry/scrubbing/cleaning that would have to happen when we got home. (Thanks mom, for doing most of the scrubbing while I got dinner ready!)

The kids LOVED it. Benjamin was oblivious to the point of a corn maze, and just loved running around in the fresh air, dirt, mud and corn. Anna pretended to follow the map and lead us around. We had to take so many detours around the pools of mud, that we couldn't really follow the map anyway.

Grandpa Dewey lifted Anna up into a tree so she could point us in the right direction. We decided that the only way to do a corn maze is at night, if you really want to feel like you're "lost." With trees and other land marks, and with the corn shorter in some areas, we always knew where we were. The kids didn't though, and we pretended like we had no idea how to get out of the maze. Fun, fun.
Ethan and Benjamin walking back to the you a glimpse of the cleaning that needed to happen when we got home. Ethan got covered all over, not just his shoes and pants, because he had to carry Benjamin a few times. I love this picture of Ben-Ben's little, muddy bum.
So, I think when the kids are older, we may try this again. Until then, I think we could find woods anywhere (like right behind our apartments), draw a home-made map, and go on an adventure. They wouldn't know the difference.


Diana said...

What a fun experience. We haven't done a corn maze yet with the kids.

Pat & Amber said...

Hey Angela! Could you email me your email address? I made our blog by invite only and wanted to add you but didn't know your email add. Mine is Thanks!