Friday, September 25, 2009

It Has Begun...

Anna started pre-school this week. Crazy! I was so sad to see her go, but I think it's so good for her too. Anna has been wanting to go to school for FOREVER. I don't know if this is typical, but a few weeks leading up to this, I worried tons about sending her off...a few nights I couldn't get to sleep. And the first day was hard for me, but it got easier as the week went on. Anna attends Mon.-Thur. for three hours in the afternoon. I miss her, but the worried feeling is mostly gone. How will I feel when I have to send Anna and Benjamin (and maybe a future baby #3...maybe) to school all day, everyday?! I guess I should wait to worry about it when the time comes. Baby steps.
The pictures above are of Anna's very first day, outside our apartment. Not surprisingly, Anna had no problems adjusting to pre-school, and loved the whole experience. She loves her teachers, Miss Rita and Miss Karen. She loves the outdoor play time. She loves hanging out with 15 other little kids. She loves the toys, and activities they have. And she LOVES that they eat at school. The first thing she tells me about when I pick her up, is what snacks they had that day. ha ha.
I'm happy for Anna. This is a good thing. It helps that she goes to school during Benjamin's nap time. He's kind of a light sleeper, so we always had to do quiet activities, or watch a little movie during his nap. Now she gets to go to school and have all kinds of fun. Speaking of Ben-Ben, I hadn't considered how this would affect him. He's not napping for the whole time Anna is gone (the one-on-one time with him is a fun change too), and he always asks about her when he wakes up. And he keeps asking about her until we go pick her up from school. Sweet.
So there's our big news for the week. Next time I'll be sure to hi-lite Benjamin, you know, make sure he gets equal blog time. :)
Bonus ~ Ethan got to pick up Anna from school one day this week. He told me part of a hilarious conversation they had on the way home. Anna - "Daddy, I'm frustrated." Ethan - "Why?" Anna - "Because Mommy is in love with you and I am in love with you." Ethan - "Well, you can both love me, and I love both of you." Anna - "Okay."


Pat & Amber said...

We've enjoyed all your blog posts. I never comment much because I never get much time on the internet. We now have it at home, so hopefully I can stay in touch with people more. You're kids are so cute! Hope to see you guys again sometime soon! :)

gregg + camille said...

such a cute story about your daughers conversation with her dad!!

Anonymous said...

That was such a sweet blog. You have such a wonderful family! All the Doby's are big fans of the Rayhorns :)

Diana said...

so cute!!! I was so worried to send Kira to preschool last year and to Kindergarten this year. I also lost sleep about it. I can't believe she goes so much its almost like Kindergarten.
thanks for your comment on our blog. I will call the doctor.