Saturday, July 11, 2009

Some randomness...

I can't believe I didn't take any pictures this week. These oldies from June will just have to do for this week's post:
I LOVE when my kiddies play together, laugh together, and have fun together. But my favorite is when they are helping each other. Anna asked if she could feed Benjamin some cereal on this particular morning. So sweet. Sometimes Anna plays "baby games" with Ben that I know she secretly enjoys too, and sometimes Anna reads books to Benjamin. (Anna has many of his board books memorized because they are so short, and she hears them all the time...we read them to her when she was little.)
Ben also helps out Anna. Usually it is in the form of him sharing a toy or book...whether she wants it or not. But he has started to help Anna pick up toys when he notices Anna doing it. And I guess this last thing isn't really helpful, but Benjamin gives the sweetest hugs, and he gives them to Anna all the time. Ben's equivalent of a hug is when he lays his head on you. He walks up and lays his head on your arm, or leg, or anything that is reachable. It's soooooo sweet. He does this to Anna when she is upset or sad. Just melts my heart.
Of course they have plenty moments of unkindness too...but that isn't what I'm blogging about right now. Okay, okay, I'll give you an example. When Anna is watching a movie, Ben-Ben often sneaks up and turns off the TV, then runs away laughing. Anna does not like that one bit. And Anna often shuts the door to her room right in Ben's face. He always wants to be where she is, so this definitely hurts his feelings. Anyway...

The first picture above is one of Ben-Ben's favorite hiding spots. The only problem is...he usually gets stuck in there and then needs help out. The second picture shows Anna snuggled up in Ben's baby swing. Both the kids came back from our trip to Marquette with bad colds. So sad. This is how Anna likes to be when she's sick...snuggled up nice and cozy, watching movies.
Despite not having the pictures to show it, we did some fun, new things this week. We found a new park a few minutes from our house that is just perfect for us. It is located behind a school, has lots of equipment, is set in a humongous field, and is all fenced in. It's perfect because Ben-Ben can wander around, staying in sight, without the possibility of escape, and I can play with Anna. Not to imply that I ignore Ben the whole time.
Today we went to a lake in Flint called Blue Bell Beach. The beach was gross...well, probably typical of an inland lake, but Lake Superior has skewed my opinion of how clean a lake should look before I, or my children, will swim in it. Anyway, right next to the lake there was playground equipment, AND a splashpad. (A splashpad is like a whole bunch of cool looking sprinklers, spouts, fountains, etc. for kids to run through.) Anna and Benjamin loved it. They also loved chasing the seagulls in a huge, grassy field. Fun, fun. I think we'll be back there often...and I'll be sure to take pictures next time. :)

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