Sunday, July 19, 2009

The New Park...

Let me just start off my weekly journal entry with a huge shout out to my sweetie - CONGRATULATIONS ETHAN!!! I'm so excited that he is finished with the first year of his Doctor of Physical Therapy program. Eth did a great job, good grades, good feedback, etc. The last four weeks of his summer term just about killed us though - me being alone with the kids so much, and Ethan using every spare second to study, write papers, work on presentations, and all that jazz. But we both made it, and at 11:45 am on Friday the 17th, Ethan completed his first year. So, what do we plan on doing with this five weeks of glorious, blissful summer vacation? Regroup, catch up, long trip to Marquette, fun with friends, but most importantly...lots and lots of family time. Like our little trip to the park on Friday.

This is a park I previously mentioned. I LOVE this park because there is so much space, and I can always see my mischievous little Benjamin. The pictures above show the wide, open space pretty well, with Ben-Ben wandering around in both of them. It's not like I ignore him the whole time, but it's very convenient to let him explore on his own too.
I love this certain playground apparatus shown below. It's so fun. Just get a running start, and with the tilted angle, you just keep going around and around...well, as long as you can hold on. Ah, to feel like a kid again.

Anna didn't want to get in any of our park pictures; she was too busy playing. BUT, I have a few funny stories about her. Yesterday, Anna watched the Disney movie, Mulan, for the first time. We got it from the library. She LOVED it, especially the action scenes. Anna has been imitating the fight scenes. She pretends the rest of us are the Huns - the bad guys from the movie who invade China. Benjamin makes a pretty good Hun. :) So, today at church, Anna kept pretending everyone around her were Huns...she would not stop. And since she doesn't whisper, it was a little awkward. She takes her make believe play very seriously.
Second story: At church during the primary time for kids, the leaders were trying to find out if it was anyone's birthday that week, so they could sing to them and give them a treat. Anna says, "Excuse me, I'm going to have my birthday in Marquette because then I will be four." The leader says how special that will be and starts to move on to other announcements. Then Anna says, "Excuse me, my mom doesn't know how to make a birthday cake, so my Grandma Susan is going to make it for me." The teachers and primary leaders thought that was pretty funny. I just had to clarify to them - I've made numerous, delicious cakes and cupcakes and cookies and banana bread, and brownies, and other baked goods...I just don't know how to decorate cakes all fancy like my mom. There's a difference, I'll just have to explain that to Anna.


Aleesha & Spencer said...

Done with his first year, thats great! What an accomplishment! How much longer does he have? Enjoy your five weeks of fun family time!! I'm totally jealous! :)

Kelly said...

Congrats on being done with the first year! That is great.

We love Mulan too! Victoria loves to sing along with the songs - especially "We'll Make a Man Out of You". It's pretty funny. The cake story is hilarious.