Monday, December 15, 2008

Doctor or Daddy...

Anna: Daddy, are they going to teach you how to be a doctor today?
Ethan: Well, kind of.
Anna: I don't want you to be a doctor, I just want you to be my daddy.
Ethan: I can be your daddy and be a doctor too.
Anna: No...Actually, I just want you to watch a movie with me.
This is what Ethan is required to wear when he does clinicals on Fridays, but last week was the first time we saw him all decked out because he usually changes at school. So, Anna was a bit curious. Anna and Eth are supposed to look thoughtful and contemplative in these photos. :-) Nice try Anna. I think I clarified this before, but Ethan is in a doctor of physical therapy program, hence the, "Well, kind of." to Anna's question. However, PTs aren't referred to as Dr. ________. I know, it's a rip off. hehe

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HO IV and crew said...

Very cute-- she's so sweet! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!