Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Sneak Peek...

I was taking pictures of the kiddies to put in our Christmas cards this year. I didn't post the picture we'll actually be sending out. So don't worry - I didn't ruin the surprise and anticipation for you. :) Although, I was tempted to send the black and white one of the two of them making a kind of scowling, menacing face. Not very Christamsy though. That was totally unprompted, unless they just didn't want their pictures taken, and random that they were both making the same face. Ben was pretty photogenic for this, and Anna was a little less cooperative. Oh well, you can't win them all. I probably should have tried another time, but that's kind of hard for me. Let me explain. Once I decide something needs to be done, I have a strong need to finish it or I feel really....hmmm, what's a good word to describe it...uncomfortable. Just a little glimpse into my personality. The good and the bad. For the record, this particular habit I would count as good and bad. It depends on the situation. However, just because I really love the feeling of getting things accomplished on my 'to do' list and feel 'uncomfortable' when something is half finished, doesn't mean I never procrastinate. I'm human. Wow. I already get the feeling that when I re-read this entry, I will realize that I am not meant to blog after midnight. Hehe. A bit too rambling, sorry! Anyway, enjoy the pictures of my sweeties.

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