Thursday, November 27, 2008

A Day of Thanks...

This was Ben's first Thanksgiving, and both sets of Grandparents did not disappoint. (Of course he pretty much only tried the potatoes.) We had an earlier dinner at my parents house, and an evening dinner at the Rayhorns. Delicious!!! I LOVE Thanksgiving day food. I prepared the cranberry salad and sweet potato casserole this year, two dishes my mom always makes and I've been meaning to try. Anna was very much into helping everyone prepare the food. She is a budding chef. The picture below is of Anna with the daughters of some family friends who were able to join us for the feast. The second picture of Benjamin is just typical...although it's a little hard to recognize. Ben just gets so intense, angry, vocal, demanding, etc. when it comes to food. He is yelling, furrowing his brow, trying to come up with a way to get more food in his mouth...just because Ethan isn't moving it quite fast enough. There's no reasoning with Ben either. :-) (He is so easy going about EVERYTHING else in his little life, it's just hilarious how seriously he takes his food.)

So, I have really been thinking about how blessed I am. There is just so much I have to be thankful for, from the "biggies" like Ethan, Anna, Benjamin, family, health, friends, education, the country I live in, my faith and more. I have also been thinking about less significant things I am thankful for like my warm, comfy, king size bed that I LOVE getting into (we bought it 3 1/2 years ago and I am still loving it), good books, favorite articles of clothing (you know who you are), our vehicles, my go to snacky foods, a new gym membership, family pictures, the Internet, and more. I am sincerely full of thanks. I live in a time and place with so much abundance, and blessings, and comforts in life that I am very grateful for. Life is beautiful! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

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