Saturday, April 12, 2008

Snow Day!!!

Our first week home has been pretty good. NMU was canceled yesterday, so Ethan had a snow day. Whee! How many people can say they have snow days on April 11th??? And Northern doesn't cancel for just anything. So Anna and Ethan made the most of it and went out to build a snowman.
Here is Benjamin all bundled up for an outing. We probably wouldn't have taken him out in the weather, but we had an appointment to go to and the day turned out pretty beautiful.
Ben has still been a very sleepy baby (please let it last!), but here is one of the rare moments that his eyes are open and he is pretty alert. We love having him at home!

Anna is still helpful and pretty excited about having Benjamin around. In the first picture, she wanted Benjamin to sit with her to watch a movie. Anna usually asks to hold him about once a day.
Understandably, we've been mostly at home this week and I think Anna isn't quite used to just hanging out at the house so much. She has come up with some pretty creative play though. Here she is riding on her horse. (Her shirt got wet and she refused to put on a dry one. We did get her into her pjs for bedtime.) She has made forts and homes out of our couch cushions to pass the time as well. Other favorites are Polly Pockets, hide-and-seek, and "chase me" games.

Here I am with my two little sweeties. It is just great being a mom and our family seems more complete now that Benjamin is here. This first week home has been such a smooth transition because of all the help we've been getting from family and friends. Everyone has been so great! My mom, I can't begin to describe how wonderful it is to have her close. She has been soooooo helpful in so many ways. Thanks mom!
Of course all of this would be way, way more overwhelming if I wasn't married to the greatest husband and father in the world! Ethan is such a natural at being a dad, I can't even describe how amazing he is. He is so helpful and hands on and is the perfect calming balance that I need. He is so supportive and understanding. Thanks babe! I am sad that he has to go back to work next week, but the semester is almost over, and a relatively care-free summer is ahead of us. Yay!

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Anna said...

Congratulations! What a cute boy! So, our boys are 2nd cousins, right? Fun! Hope you are feeling good. I have bounced back quickly, which has been so nice. The kids don't really give me much down time:) Isn't it WONDERFUL not being pregnant?