Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Ode To Grandparents



Don't worry, I'm not planning on writing a poem here - I just wanted to describe how grateful I am to all four of Benjamin and Anna's grandparents. It is so wonderful living close to both of our parents. We have had so much suport and I am so thankful. Before I even had Ben, Melissa and my mom watched Anna on some days when I just couldn't take being prego anymore (yes, Anna Jones, I LOVE, LOVE not being pregnant...I don't miss it in the least). Now that I have Benjamin, the grandparents have been so great helping in any way they can. Well, Chuck is still a little nervous to hold Benjamin, but he's more than happy to hang out and play with Anna. :-) We are so happy to be able to live so close to our families right now. So here is Ben with each of his grandparents.

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