Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Anna is turning into such a girly-girl. Ethan and I pride ourselves in how well rounded Anna is. She loves cars and trucks and balls and babies and jewelry and dresses. However, about a month ago Anna has started to only request dresses if we ask her what she wants to wear. She then tells everyone she sees that day, "Anna, pretty dress." Anna is always talking about pink things and wants to wear pink. We were playing with play-doh the other day and the only thing she wanted us to make was jewelry. Good grief. She still likes the other stuff, but this girly side is beginning to take over. Part of me thinks its adorable, and part of me hopes it's just a phase.


Dewey and Susan said...

Cute, but when will we get the big announcement?

(I won't believe it until I read it on the blogsite.)


Meghan and Jake said...

I loved the video! It makes me miss marquette and the whole rayhorn clan. Oh and ps. jake and I started our own site :)