Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Ethan's Triathlon

Ethan competed in the Copperman Trithlon for the second year in a row. I got to go watch him this year and I was seriously impressed. A sprint triathlon can vary slightly, but this was a 1/2 mile swim, a 19 mile bike ride, and a 5 mile run. Whew! Good job baby!!! He improved his time from last year and beat his friend Ian Blotter, the other shirtless kid. The first picture is Ethan modeling the time chip ankle bracelet, and looking a little nervous as he tries to work out some pre-race jitters. The last picture is us on a little hike to look at some scenic rapids on the way home. Not so rapidy though. (The water level is way down this year.) I'm really glad I got to go support Ethan...and have a fun little overnight get away.

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Dewey and Susan said...

Finally, I posted an entire new blogsite in the time you put up this one posting. But, worth the wait. Good pics and narrative. Keep it up, a bit more frequently.