Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day and Anna's Room . . .

 The kids were super excited about Valentine's Day . . . they make every holiday fun and exciting.  Anna and Ben-ben loved their gifts - pajama pants (Mario and Luigi ones for Ben-Ben!), sucker bouquet, little notepad (they're always looking for something to write/scribble on).  They also got some Valentine's cards, including ones all the way from Arizona from their Great Grampa Mike and GG!  Fun!  (Caleb thought it was all pretty exciting too . . . he just can't talk yet, plus he's sicky again. )   
So, Ethan and I went out to celebrate on Saturday and had a cozy night in on V. Day, after the kiddos went to bed.  For dinner on Valentine's Day, Eth took Anna out, and I took Benjamin out.  As you can see, we all dressed up and made our "dates" extra special.  Ben got so many compliments from people. . . he looked like a little man, and was really well behaved even though we went to a sit down restaurant, and there was a bit of a wait.  Auntie KC was Caleb's valentine . . . they stayed in and snuggled and watched movies.  Sweetness!  

Okay, now on to Anna's room.  The before shots below show the blank canvas we had to work with.  Everything was the same creamy, off white color - trim, ceiling, walls, doors, blah.  And we'd already started ripping out the carpet, so you can see a little of the dirty/painty wood floor and the carpet pad.  Anna really wanted a girly and colorful room, and I was more than happy to oblige . . . with some compromise.  She wanted pink walls, but she got a beautiful green color ("Green Leaf" Valspar... LOVE!) with pink bedding.  Well . . . you'll see.  BEFORE:

 So, we ripped out the carpet, refinished the floors.  Painted everything - ceiling white, trim and doors in ultra white, and walls green.  Anna got our old bed from when we were first married, a queen size bed handed down from the Peterson's.  It needed some girly bedding and I found an awesome deal for a "bed-in-a-bag" for $30 from Target that was about what I was looking for in the room.  We also got the leaning bookshelf for her room for about $25 from Walmart, clearanced.  Otherwise, we had everything. 

The empty frame above her bed was given to me by a friend and it was a dark wood.  So of course I painted it white and added a butterfly.  I think I want to put some fabric in it so it looks even more like a head board.  The other "art work" was handed down from her cousin, Rebecca, who is moving in to a new house/room soon and is going for a slightly older look.  :)  And the lamp, mirror and purple board we already had too.  Oh, and the butterflies/dragon flies were left over from Anna's birthday party, and go perfectly with the art Rebecca gave her and the room.  I need to find a way to make the butterflies look like their flying and not hanging (dead) in the corner.  And maybe add some tissue paper balls in that corner too.  Anyway . . . the little details are fun for me . . . especially when they're cheap or free!  :)   

The desk in Anna's room is Ethan's Grandpa Rayhorn's.  Then it was Chuck's, then it was Ethan's.  When Caleb is done sleeping in his pac-n-play (when he's about 2 1/2), it will be moved in to the boy's room to keep the desk going down the line of Rayhorn boys.  But, I think we made it look girly enough for now . . . and I'll look for a desk for Anna at garage sales and good will in the mean time.  And I'll probably end up painting it white.  hehe.    Okay, see what I'm talking about!  AFTER

I love her room.  It's a very happy, bright place.  Just like I wanted for her.  I love that her closet doors have the original glass knobs on them.   I loved the old fashioned radiator.  (We just need to add trim to the bottom of it to hide the paint under it.)  I love the fun wall decals by her door.  Such a cheap, easy way to make it feel more girly . . . and then peal them off when she grows up.  Anna was so relieved to FINALLY have a room to herself, but good grief she's only six.  I had to share a room with a brother until the summer after 5th grade.  hehe.  Although, the kids room at my parent's house was starting to feel pretty crowded the older Caleb got.  :) 
Oh, and Anna loves telling people that she has a queen size bed, but I always try to clarify that it was free, and we already had it. . . 'cause a six year old doesn't need it.  hehe.  It is nice though, because when we have someone over, Ethan and I can stay in Anna's room, Anna can sleep in the bunk bed in the boys room, and guests can have our room with a little privacy.  So, now we need some guests.  Anyone, anyone?  hehe.  Actually, I think a friend of mine may be coming this summer . . . and we have some other possible visitors before that too.  Yay!  
So, the only thing I'm still going to do in this room - trim around the radiator, and possibly hang some tissue paper balls with the butterflies in the corner.  The end.  For now. :)  

Now, we just have the boy's room, two bathrooms, and the kitchen and we're done.  I'll try to get them up quickly, now that I'm finally feeling pretty finished on some projects I had.  I need to get this "Here's the house and all the hard work we did" thing over with.  hehe.  We'll see.  I keep finding little projects to get in my way!  Well, Until next time . . .  Adios! 


mjoray said...

You home looks so beautiful!!! I am so not looking forward to painting/decorating mine. So much work. Your home has such warmth to it. I hope I can figure out someway to do that.

Ange said...

Aw, thanks Molly! Not a fan of the painting part, but the decorating I love. Not that I really know what I'm doing, but I think it's fun. :)