Monday, March 7, 2011

What Is Wrong With Me . . .

For the life of me, I can not figure out this new posting/picture stuff on the blogger website.  Oh well.  I just don't have time for it now.  So, enjoy these picture, in completely random order...and all centered, for whatever reason.
I don't have the patience to fix it. 
Also, for your added enjoyment, I will be doing a little blip on all five of us. 
So, scroll on down, baby. . .

Anna Banana - Some of the pictures above show the spa party we did as Anna's chosen reward for her Good Behavior Chart.  I loved doing this with her, and was amazed at her attention to detail.  She was mainly trying to replicate a spa set up from one of her Fancy Nancy books, and she did a fantastic job.
  Notice, she even thought to have refreshments and fancy glasses of water for our enjoyment.  Sweet!  
Oh, and just ignore the super unflattering picture of me with a mud mask...light blue on my face just doesn't do anything for me.  hehe. 
Anna liked trying out a mud mask, but I think her favorite part was getting her nails done...and doing my nails too.  (I went with clear...and only two nail stickers.  Anna said, "Even though that's pretty plain, your wish is my command."  I'm pretty sure she got that from her book. :) 
I love my beautiful, fancy-pants Anna. 

Benjamin Bear - We went with the MOMs Club to tour the local Pizza Hut.  As you can imagine, it was a big hit for Ben-Ben.  He was a little nervous around the humongous ovens, especially when warned how hot they were, but over-all, very fun experience. 
I love the picture above that shows Benjamin's profile.  A woman from church, who occasionally subs in the nursery, was admiring Ben's cheeks just yesterday.  She said he looks like a Hummel figurine.  Too true!  She also said he was the "cutest little boy ever," and I just had to agree.  Really though, shouldn't all moms feel that way about their own children?  :)  
I love alone time with my Little Man, and it was an added bonus that yummy food was involved.  hehe.

Cabsey Pie (pronounced with a long A sound) -  Ah, my littlest babers.  The pictures don't really require any explanation...except to show how adorable and chubby Caleb J. is.  The squishy lips, the plump cheeks, the bright blue eyes...I'm in love. 
Caleb leads a simple life, even for a baby.  I mean, he would come along with us on our adventures, if it weren't for Doctor's orders.  But he seems to enjoy the life of a homebody...for now. 
So, Caleb isn't the easiest baby I've had (I know, I  know...I only have two others to compare him to :) but he's getting easier, and a bit more scheduled.  It helps.  I feel like I now know exactly what he wants, sometimes before he even knows.  *It's a mommy thing.*  Cabers is now taking 4 naps during the day, usually not more than an hour.  Unless, of course, I'm able to be there with him to "help" him sleep longer.  But that can't happen too often.  I look forward to when those four naps merge into two longer naps, but I'll stay patient.  
Here is the part that makes the busy, full days doable:  Caleb goes to sleep for the night around 6:30 pm, and doesn't get up until about 8:30 am.  He eats two more times during that 14 hours, but it's simply to eat, get changed, and go back to sleep.  Typically no chatting, crying, or fussiness.  
(The other two go down for the night at 7:30pm and are out until about 7-7:30 really, I can't complain.) Caleb's been on this schedule for a while, and I've meant to write it down.  
So good job, little Mister!  

Ethan - This is Ethan's final week of his first 10 week clinical placement.  It seemed to go so quickly, for which I am grateful.  I hope this next one goes just as quickly.  And then he will be in Marquette with us for his final placement.  We can't wait for the end of May!!! 
I do need to clarify that it hasn't been too bad with him gone.  I thought it would be worse.  (I can never make statements like that without thanking my sweet momma for all the help she is giving us in Ethan's absence.)  We prefer Ethan to be here, because we love him, and he is the best husband and daddy ever!  But it's been okay.  He comes home every Thursday afternoon, because he has a short day, and he's been here on the weekends, and sometimes an occasional Tuesday evening.  Like I said, doable.  Plus, I have friends whose husbands need to be gone so much more than this, and not like the temporary situation it is for us, so I try not to complain.  :)   
He is doing a fantastic job at this first clinical, learning a lot, and getting plenty of positive feedback.  For over half this placement, Ethan has been doing most of the patient care on his own.  So, he's like a full fledged Physical Therapist...without the salary.  :)  Nice work, babe!  

Angela - So, I included two pictures of myself above.  One because I liked it, and it showed off a new hair accessory that I love.  The other is supposed to show a bruise on my neck, for which I feel an explanation is necessary.  It looks just like a hickey, and took forever to go away.  So embarrassing!  (The picture really doesn't give it justice.)  It was actually a bruise from a biopsy of my thyroid nodules, which turned out non-cancerous, in case you were wondering. 
Since I couldn't see the bruise, I would often forget about it.  I had good intentions of wearing scarves, or casually mentioning it when out and about, or having friends over for play dates.  I mean, I don't have anything against hickeys, per se...just if they show.  hehe.  Showing off something like that, it's just not how I roll, and I wanted to clarify that to people. But, I'd always forget.  
So, let my blog record show, it was NOT a hickey.  Just a biopsy bruise.  :)   
I'd love to include something more interesting about myself, but I think this is enough entry for one day.  The non hickey explanation will just have to do.

Until next time, adios!         

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Blake & Annie Nielson said...

Ok so your family and your blog is adorable! You are one of those talented cute bloggers. The spa day sounds so fun. That's cute she enjoyed it so much. Oh and kudos to you and your positive attitude with Ethan gone so much! I hate Blake being gone just for the day. What a blessing that Ethan is almost done.