Sunday, February 6, 2011


Caleb Jones

Benjamin Parr

Anna Ellene

Just Some Random Thoughts From This Mommy:

  • Caleb loves having his breathing treatments. He is almost always super happy and smiley during them, as you can see above. It's nice, because he needs them twice a day. It really seems to be doing the trick, as his breathing has improved greatly since starting. I LOVE his bright, blue eyes in those pictures. :)
  • I've just realized that we have hardly been sick at all this season. Yay! I think we're typically a pretty healthy bunch, and we've been especially focused on it since Caleb has come home. We're doing all the stuff they advised - washing/sanitizing hands all the time, avoiding people/places with either lots of people, or any sick people at all, and all that jazz. Benjamin and Anna have gotten one or two colds since the fall, but nothing much. Even with plenty of sickness going around our extended family and Anna going to her germ infested school every day :), we've managed to steer clear. It's something that I was super stressed about - keeping Caleb from getting sick - but so far, so good. (Hope I'm not jinxing myself.)
  • Anna cut her hair this week. I thought I was past this possibility with her since she's 5 1/2, and a pretty well behaved little girl. Well, my mom was babysitting while I had a doctor's appointment, and while my mom was feeding the baby, Anna and Benjamin quietly shut themselves in the bathroom to make themselves "fancy." Make-up was everywhere, and Anna cut the front of her hair. It all had to come off to even it out. . . four or five inches! I think it turned out pretty adorable though, and it reminds me of the character from the Madeline books. It suits little Anna Belle. And how it frames her face, accenting the cheeks perhaps, I think just looks too precious. (See pictures above with the pink headband.) So, it turned out perfect in the end. :)
  • I was being a little impatient and hurried during a bedtime routine earlier this week. I think I was trying to be quick because I knew the baby would be hungry soon. And when Caleb is hungry, he acts as if he's starving to death! Anyway, my rushing (and maybe snapping) was not okay with Benjamin, because when I told him, "Good night Ben-Ben. I love you." He replied, "I love daddy and Grampa." Well...leave it to kids to put you in your place!
  • Anna and I got to go see a youth theater production of Alice in Wonderland. She LOVED it, and it was such a special mommy/daughter date. Anna wanted us to get all fancy for the you can see above. Sweetie got so many compliments from complete strangers about how adorable and sophisticated she looked. Anna thought so too. :) Ethan and Benjamin went to lunch together so Ben-Ben wouldn't feel left out. Ben thought their Daddy/Son outing was so special and fun...and he chose Quiznos. Huh. :)
  • Caleb has been having almost weekly appointments with his doctor since he's been home from the NICU. They wanted to keep a close eye on his breathing issues. Well, his appointment on Monday went so well, that he won't need to be seen until his regular four month check up (unless I become concerned with something). Yay!!! However, he'll still be having an appointment with the ENT to have his tongue clipped soon, and he still needs to go down to Grand Rapids to be evaluated by the specialists there. Oh, not to mention his monthly synagis shots to protect against RSV. But still, no more weekly appointments with his doctor!
  • Benjamin loves Kentucky Fried Chicken. He'd never had it before this week, but he's a fan. Just thought I'd throw that on here. He kept calling it "chicken fry."
  • We blessed Caleb this past Saturday. It was kind of last minute on timing, and we tried to keep it to a small group for the sake of his health. However, I couldn't help but thinking after the blessing, that there were so many other people I would have loved to share that with. Just know you're loved...and enjoy the pictures I'll post soon. :) And, WOW, Caleb is a few weeks shy of is three month mark, but so much has happened in his little life already. I was reflecting on that a lot on Saturday during his blessing. I love him so much, and feel so bad that he's had to have a rough start in life. I try to make it up to him with snuggle time, and plenty of love.
  • I kept forgetting to write this, but the first day back to school after Christmas break, Anna's class was assigned to write a sentence and draw a picture about their favorite Christmas present. Anna chose, "My baby brother, Caleb, coming home from the hospital." So. Perfectly. Sweet. When she asked me what I thought she chose, I guessed it was the pillow pet. When she told me what she actually chose, it just melted my heart. Love sweet moments like that.
  • At church today, my mom was sharing her testimony, and got a little emotional. Benjamin happened to notice, and wanted to give her a hug. Sweetie pie! Well, while she was walking back to her seat, Benjamin ran up to her, hugged her, and said, "Good job Gramma!" pretty loudly. :)

You know, it really is all about the little things lately. Taking care of three babies all day everyday, can get busy, hectic, hurried, routine. I've really been trying to focus on the little joys in life. The everyday, tender moments. It helps me remember what a sacred responsibility and opportunity I've been given in raising my three, precious children. I feel like my journal (blog) has kind of turned in to recording these little joys in life. It's good for me. And I hope you enjoy reading them too. :) Have a beautiful week!

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