Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Word of the Week...


The kids hanging out in the pool. (Yes, Ethan was right next to them.)

So at the beginning of this week, we took advantage of the apartment swimming pool a few times. After, Anna and I had slight sunburns on our shoulders, but nothing that peeled. It's turned into a nice tan for both of us, but was a bit uncomfortable for a day or two. On Tuesday, Ethan got the worst sunburn he has ever had. It was crazy bad! Lots of pain, pain medicine, hot pink skin (he didn't want me to put a picture of it on here, but I have one :), and starting today - peeling...gross! He didn't use any sunblock, something we always put on the kids, and was out for two hours during peak sun time. I really did feel bad for him, and went out of my way to make things easier because the slightest movement was uncomfortable. Thank goodness the pain is gone now. We've almost gone through a whole bottle of aloe lotion just this week.

Yay for more swimming! Especially since the weather was mostly in the 90's this week. Ben has a new baby floaty that he likes...for about 10 minutes. He doesn't stay at the pool as long as the rest of us, mostly for lack of interest. Ethan or I go up with him after about 30 minutes tops. Anna is getting so brave in the water. She swims all over the pool with this little floaty or just arm floaties, and wants to learn how to swim. She has practiced going under water a few times. So brave! I love the last picture of the "Daddy Train." The kids LOVE that!
Anna's new (to her) bike! Such. A. Cutie. I love the classic picture of the Daddy following along the child. Anna was so focused on turning the pedals, she hardly ever looked up. We were glad to finally get outside again for Anna to practice. This week has been soooooo hot! The only outdoor thing we were doing was the pool. Finally it's cooled down whew.

This same day, we went for a walk to "explore the woods." This is one of Anna's most favorite things to do. Ben-Ben got so annoyed when the tall grass was the perfect height to tickle his nose. He did not like that one bit, so he stayed on the outskirts of the deep, dark, woods (as Anna likes to call it). The last picture shows Benjamin and I singing some action songs together. He doesn't really look happy, but trust me, he loved it. :) One funny thing Ben has been doing lately is speaking his own language. Seriously. Ethan and I think the accent sounds a bit like the Swedish Chef from the Muppets. It's pretty amusing. Benjamin has so much to say...but only in this other language he seems to be fluent in. :) He still only says about three words in English though. Haha!
And finally...bath time! I know I take lots of pictures...I just want to remember everything. Anna and I (and sometimes Ethan) love to look back at our family albums over the last few years. It's fun! Anyway, despite all my picture taking, I realized I didn't really have any bath pictures, nake-y pictures, or even just diaper pictures of Ben-Ben. I took a few Saturday night during bath time, and put up two of the "modest" ones. The flash caught the kids differently, but still, you can see the extreme difference in Anna and Benjamin's skin tone. Anna is our little brown berry. I can see a few similar features in my kids, but mostly, I don't think these two look like siblings. I think it's fun. :)
So, there are a few highlights from our week. Until next time, peace.

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Kelly said...

I love the picture of Anna on her bike. She looks so proud. You guys always look like you're having a great time!