Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Christmas 2007

We had some fun Christmas memories this year. Perhaps most exciting - Meghan (Ethan's sister) and Jake came to visit from Utah. Anna was sooooo excited! She just LOVES her Aunt May-May and talks about how much she misses her already. We had a "slumber party" at the Rayhorns on Christmas Eve. We all got matching jamies to wear...too cute!

Earlier we were at my parents for the LaJoice get together. Christmas day was pretty relaxing: eating, visiting family, playing with new presents.

The Rayhorns bought some games and puzzles that we had some fun with. There was an 1,000 piece puzzle, "Television History," that really sucked everybody in. With random people working on it here and there, we managed to get it finished toward the end of Christmas day. Whew!

I love, LOVE the Christmas season. It was fun to have Anna so much more involved this year. She really liked giving other people presents, she just had a little trouble keeping it a secret until they opened it. Hope you all had a very merry Christmas. Enjoy the pictures!

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Dewey and Susan said...

Great posting, Ang. Especially that perfect bald head.