Sunday, December 2, 2007

Pumpkin Pile!

I know this entry is a little late, but I just love these pictures and had to post them. The Saturday after Thanksgiving we decorated for Christmas. We let Anna wear her fall outfit one more time as we were taking down all the Autumn decorations. Anna wanted to make a pile of all the pumpkins that we had. She was very concerned when she heard me talking about throwing them away and I think she was trying to protect them. However, we brought up the Christmas tubs and Anna immediately became distracted with all the decorations. We quickly put the fall stuff away and threw out the pumpkins.
Anna was so cute when we were decorating. We had Christmas music playing, talked about the decorations and about why we celebrate Christmas. Every few minutes Anna would randomly call out, "Merry Christmas Mom! Merry Christmas Dad!" (She just stopped using 'mama' and 'daddy' which made us sad at first, but kids have to grow up, I suppose.) Anna was just very excited about the whole process. When we took out the Nativity set we told her a simple version of the Christmas story. It is so important as a parent to help our children keep the focus of Christmas on the Savior, but I'm realizing it's pretty tricky with all the other STUFF that goes along with it.
We've been reading a Christmas story book to her every few days and I think parts of it are sinking in. For example, today we had a snow day. Yep, our church was canceled up here in the good ol' U.P. We were lounging around, snuggling. Ethan wrapped up Anna in a blanket and said he'd "swaddled" her up like a baby. Anna must have remembered that word from the story we have been reading because she said, "Anna not baby Jesus, I am baby Anna." It was too cute.
Shortly after, we got the sled out and walked over to my parents pulling Anna behind us. Anna laughed and giggled and squealed the WHOLE way. (It's only a few blocks.) She just loved it! I'm guessing there will be lots more walks with the sled/sledding to come this season. So, I am sure there will be more winter oriented pictures to post soon. Hope you're all enjoying this beautiful season!


Amy E said...

She is so cute. Isn't it cute when kids start talking and thinking things out? I just love it. I wish Lydia would talk like Anna does! She points a lot and says "uh!" to get attention on things. Eloise was slower to talk too, so I'm used to it. :) What a good idea to get a sled and walk to Grandma's on it. Maybe we should do that...

Diana said...

Anna looks so dang cute. Your sled idea is so cute. How to have a grandma close enough. At least Lou's parents are now only 40 minutes up I-15 compared to half way around the world.
HOw are you feeling?