Monday, October 29, 2007

Happy Halloween!

We went to the Church Halloween party on Saturday Night. Anna had been looking forward to dressing up and getting candy for weeks, literally. It's all she ever wanted to talk about. Of course on Saturday she didn't want to wear her costume. She'd been telling everyone, even perfect strangers, that she was going to be a butterfly for "Howleen." So, Anna did end up putting it on and we managed to get a few pictures.
Ethan and I didn't dress up this year. I did wear a burnt orange shirt and Ethan got a pumkin sticker put on his head when we got we were still fesitve-ish.
Oh, the picture of Anna hugging her friend Jackson (a farmer for Halloween) is just so typical. Whenever they see each other they always hug...and hug....and hug...and hug. Finally we have to say enough is enough. Then they go on to ignore each other the rest of the time they are together. Kids are so random!

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Diana said...

Anna is a very cute butterfly. Sorry I haven't checked out your blog for awhile Lou reformatted our computer and I lost all my bookmarks. I was so glad when Amy told me that she knew you!